Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft.
Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft. offers its services carried out in steel structure design and production to its future partners.


About Sz&Sz

The Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft., that is located in Western Hungary, is a 100% Hungarian, privately owned metal industrial company. The company was founded in 1993 by the two owners, for producing metal structures and building machinery. We are a production company and we are producing mainly high quality metal structures and building machinery; in terms of machined materials we are working with corrosion-resisting metal, aluminium and black iron.

Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft. has a 3320 m2 production area on a 8040 m2 site. Production takes place in two production halls according to the technology, as well as adapted to the production processes of the products. One hall is used for sheet metal processing and the production of stainless steel products, while the other hall is used for the production of carbon steel metal structures and components. In line with market demands, production has shifted from the design, production and installation of custom made products to small series.

Continuous development of the company - both in terms of infrastructure and technology - made/makes it possible to simplify our processes, thus increasing our efficiency. The initial orders from the domestic market has been gradually replaced by export, which currently makes up almost 95% of our total turnover. The increased turnover, the continuously expanding product range and traceability is now supported by an ERP system, which was developed in several steps in line with the needs of the company. There were many milestones and investments in the life of the company since its start, the most significant of which are:

Timeline Sz&Sz

Sz&Sz Quality policy

Our company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

Our goal is to operate a quality management system that meets the requirements of the standard, in order to ensure high quality products – steel structures, rehabilitation exercise equipment, road vehicle structures, Solar Parabola structures, etc. - and meet unique requirements of our partners.

We carry out our activities in line with the legal regulations, on the basis of up to date information. Keeping in mind the expectations of our partners, we aim to get and maintain the trust of our partners with correct professional behavior and maximal reliability.

Following the changes in the market and legal environment, we regularly review our quality management system and improve it, if necessary.