Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft.
Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft. offers its services carried out in steel structure design and production to its future partners.


Our company has all the technologies needed for the production of metal structures. From the receipt of the raw materials up to the packaging of the finished goods, we can carry out all the processes with the equipment and specialists available in our production halls.


The components of the metal structures are prepared by us, from the receipt of the raw material up to the assembly.

In addition to the traditional meal working machines - saw, drill, planer, milling cutter - several NC and CNC devices ensure the precise processing in accordance with the documentation: NC lathe, CNC machining centers.

Our latest equipment for machining is the Feeler inclined bed lathe cell, which performs, beyond the classic CNC operations, the X, Y drilling and milling operations by stock feeding or from precut products. Finished goods can be produced by one machine