Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft.

Headquarters: 9600 Sárvár Kemény I. u. 3
Addresse: 9601 Sárvár Pf. 105,
Phone: +36 95 520 325,
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Technology, machinery

The scope of our duties involve the planning, making, and local installation of certain equipments according to the customers’ requirements. We also work from documentation by the customer. –we have achieved our present capacity by persistent expansion, which we realized step by step.

The result are the traditional and the corrosive manufacturing are separated, they are planned by CAD system.

Most representative equipments and operations are:

  • WaterJet Cutting
    • WaterJet Cutting Machine

      RESATO R-LCM 3030-2 / 2006

      • Year of production: 2006
      • WaterJet Cutting machine capable to cut different kind of sheet materials on the 3000X3000 mm table, by water with some additional abrasive sands by nearly 4000 bar pressures.
      • Easy to use touch-screen operation. A virtual simulation can be done before real cutting. The process can be optimize by changing the abrasive sand amount, water pressure or water speed. Due to above almost all kind of material and shape can be cut by this machine from the metal through plastic and cardboard til frozen cookies.
  • Plate processing
    • NC shear

      HACO HSLX 3008

      • Build in: 2003
      • HACO Type HSLX 3008/10
      • Plate Shear
    • Shear


      • Build in: 2003
      • Type of control conventional
      • sheet width 3050 mm
      • plate thickness 8 mm
      • column distance 3050 mm
      • cutting angle adjustement between 0,5 tól 3°-ig
      • down holder 18 pieces
      • no. of strokes 11-22 Hub/min
      • total power requirement 11 kW
      • weight of machine 5 tons
    • NC press brake

      HACO ERM30150

      • CNC press brake HACO ERM 30 150,
      • pressing force 1500kN,
      • bending length 3100mm,
      • touch screen,
      • 2 axis CNC back gauge,
      • AKAS laser protection
      • system tool quick release
      • 2 axis rear bumper system
      • front workpiece accompanying system
    • NC punching machine

      EUROMAC CX1000/30 / 2000

      • Max. sheet size 39.4" x 78.7" /
      • Max. punching capacity (mild steel) 1/4"
      • Max. hit / minute 200
      • Max. positioning speed 1574 IPM
      • Max. diameter of punch (Amada Style) 3,5”
      • Max. diameter of punch (Trump Style) 4,1”
      • Table size 77,5” x 157,45”
      • Punch & Die replacement time 10-15 seconds
      • Oil tank capacity 37 US Gallons
      • Maint Motor 5,5 horsepower
  • Turning
    • CNC milling crilling machine 750

      MCV 750

      • Build in: 2000
      • Max. machining size: 1000 x 500 x 395 mm
      • Max. machining weight: 650 kg
    • CNC milling drilling machine 1000

      MCV 1000

      • Build in: 2002
      • Max. machining size: 1016 x 610 x 520 mm
      • Max. machining weight: 1200 kg
      • POWER / SPEED / SPRINT / RAPID MCV 1000 MCV 1270
    • NC turning


      • Build in: 2002
      • Max. machining size:
      • Max. machining weight:
    • Conventional turning equipment
      • lathe machine
      • milling machine
      • grinding machine (belt grinders,fiber grinder ect.)
      • drilling machine (desktop drill, columnar drill)
  • Welding
  • Painting line
    • Electrostatic tinctorial machine

      MPS 2-F powder coating equipment

      Components: High-pressure pre-treatment system.

      Pre-treatment of workpieces in a high pressure degreasing pre-treatment system. by hand-held steam cleaning equipment with added degreasing detergent. This is an chemical pre-treatment..
      After cleaning parts goes to drying oven.

      (Space for workpieces: 2100x1000x1500 mm. Double conveyor total length: 75 m. Drying oven type: ESZ-VA/50, drying temperature: 100-220 C°)

      In the drying area all of parts become free of water. This are is heated by gas. After drying parts go trough conveyors into the powder cabin where they are powder coated by electrostatic technology. Parts are powder coated by a powder coating handgun from the both sides of opened cabin. The powdered paint is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the part. Layer thickness of paint can be changed between 20-120µ. After the power dust adhering to the workpiece surface Fusing in he curing oven, where the workpiece is by the supplier of the truck to get to.

      (Heated temperatures: 180 to 220 C° ( heat transfer by hot air).

  • Other
    • Pipe and Tube Bending machine
      • Built in: 2002
      • Type: Unicorn Intelliebend – XOTH 60 TB-NC
      • Max. machining length: 3000 mm
      • Machining dimension: Ø 6X1 mm – Ø 63X3 mm
      • Max. bending radius: 300 mm
      • Max. bending angle: 180 °
      • Control: Unicorn Tornala
    • Line welding equipment

      Our line welding machine was designed and made by own to ensure continuous and smooth edge welds at our tanks.

    • Leak inspection equipment

      Our leak inspection equipment was designed and made by own to ensure leakproofness.

    • Fixtures

      To realize safe and precise production, if possible we make special fixtures for parts.