Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft.

Headquarters: 9600 Sárvár Kemény I. u. 3
Addresse: 9601 Sárvár Pf. 105,
Phone: +36 95 520 325,
Fax.: +36 95 / 325 925,


Claim assessment, desig

We survey needs, after design steel constructions in compliance with our customer’s unique ideas. Our know-how and references give the most perfect base for manufacture machines, equipments surge tanks, rehabilitation machine constructions, road vehicle parts, stainless tanks .


After survey and pre-plan are made, we give an individual quotation to our partners according to its needs. We give comprehensive documantation and advise for every individual steel constructions, road vehicle units, Solar Parabola structurse etc. in line with our customer requirements.

Production, implementation

In the base of custopmer requirements we manufacture Stainless steel structure, aluminium tank, water tank, rehabilitation machine construction, fitnessmachine structure and other metal structure, due to our modern machinery and serious technical experience and know-how. We are looking forward your request!


To deliver and implement tanks, machine constructions, and other units we make an individual egyedi quotation request. Our staff experience and maximum commitment to excellence is the basis for perfect placement of equipment, installation and commissioning.


Szekelyi and Szilagyi Ltd. . try to perform its own quality expectations when design and manufacture a steel construction, and also pays special attention to meet expectations of ISO standard and market. We undertake warranty at our products. Our reference works can be examples for our further partners.