Székelyi és Szilágyi Kft.

Headquarters: 9600 Sárvár Kemény I. u. 3
Addresse: 9601 Sárvár Pf. 105,
Phone: +36 95 520 325,
Fax.: +36 95 / 325 925,



Can be found Stainless Steel metal structure, fuel and balance containers, rechabilitation machine structures, machine parts for automotive in our product range, as the custom designed Solar Parabola structure.

We persue wholly manufacturing work. First of all int he fields of exacting production of metal constructions and equipments. As far as the elaborate materials concerned we make black structures, aluminium and corrosion resist frames in Sarvar.
A part of our tasks have made by sub-suppliers.

Main products:

  • Stainless steel tanks for buses, trucks and luxury yachts
  • Metal units for high level rechabilitation machinery, circle training machine
  • Metal units and major components for bowling equipment
  • Moving units for solar equipment

Our main production activities within the metal industry use built ont he locksmith trade and its supplementary branches.

We possess have all the machines necessary to this. In important area we use NC and CNC machines. The surface threatement of exacting traditional steel constructions is made by modern electrostatic tinctorial machinery .

Our manufacturing area is 3500 m2, which has all of conditions which needed for its operation.